Welcome to MOSBAH-CNC, the best woodworking machines maintenance center!


To get the maximum benifites .

In order to get the maximum benefit from machines was a follow-up and maintenance of the basics of operating and production of dense .. and here was the thinking in the establishment of a specialized center to take care of those machines .


Specialising in CNC maintenance.

MOSBAH-CNCspecialized in CNC maintenance for routers (used and new machines) .And by that facility we had working in BIESSE machines for training, maintenance and installation.

- Maintenance, training and installation for old and used machines that being imported by used machines dealers. Installing and training on China machines that being imported by traders.

Consulting .

- Consulting about the specifications of machines that customers will need in it to make suitable jobs for their products.

- Made necessary modifications on machines when it is hard to get sparepart like changing damaged safety area mats that not working by photocell for safety area in used BIESSE machine ROVER 24 S.

We are joining between companies and factories or workshops to execute external missions.

We  are working as free lancer and independent specialized maintenance center for used and ended warranty CNC machines to solve problems with our field experience through years of involving in Egyptian market.  


Eng. : Ayman Mosbah          

  Excutive Manager              


Companies Co-Operated With

XYLOtec , Italy

for completing the training with Mr.stefano at
Ministry of industry & foreign trade
Productivity and Vocational Training Department
Tenth of Ramadan training center
On BIESSE machine as a part of ALPHA CAM SW training and how to connect between
ALPHA cam and BIESSE machines, my role was to train on BIESSE machine and prepare it to
be able to do jobs done by alpha cam by Mr.stefano from alpha cam into machine operating
software. www.xylotec.it



As co-operated with Mr.erhan for maintenance of Woodymax machine in Egypt



Abco trade (trader for china machines) , Egypt

Dealing with several china machines to train and install